Studio Microphone
Recording / Mixing

Recordings have always been a difficult point for the musician. The anxiety of getting the piece right, having good microphones, a good sound engineer, is always a problem for the musician.

Here all communication is made between musicians. No stress and pressure. Taking advantage of the most modern gears of music technology and the most up-to-date techniques, we can record together all your musical ideas, making the best result.

Do not forget that success does not come from the sound engineer but from the musician!

We offer the "music production" service. Do you have a musical idea, a paper with lyrics, a riff on the guitar and you do not know how to make it successful? Come here and go away with the CD in your hand!

Having a great variety of music libraries, technical knowledge and musicological view, come to combine our ideas and compose, orchestrate, create and produce perhaps the next music Hit!

Recording Studio

We offer a wide range of Music Technology and recording courses. Having gained experience from collaborations with well-known artists, we offer personalized private lessons to anyone who wants to be involved in the field of Music Technology and  recording.

Sound Waves
Live Show Recording

Being always update, we now offer live stream production services from your place! We have the equipment, you have the idea for the new tomorrow!

Live Stream